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Hit or Stand: The Hard 16 Dilemma in Blackjack 11 November 2003 By Alan Krigman. Blackjack buffs really hate a hard 16 against a dealer's seven- through ace-up. This, whether the 16 is a 9-7 or 10-6 two-card combination, or a larger set such as 7-8-A or 5-3-4-4. And the antipathy is well warranted.

15 of the Best Blackjack Strategies by PRO Henry Tamburin … The traditional blackjack basic strategy takes into account only the total of the player’s hand and the dealer’s upcard. With a hard 16 against a dealer’s 10 upcard, the strategy states to hit (assuming surrender is not offered). Although this strategy is correct, you can improve your playing accuracy by taking into account whether your 16 is a multi-card 16. Basic Strategy for European Blackjack - charts - Wizard of 2019-5-14 · If you should find a table that allows early surrender then take it with any of the following hands. I have heard rumors such games exist in Russia, and I know they do in , except against a dealer ace. 12 to 17 vs. ace, including a pair of 6's, 7's or 8's; 5 to 7 vs. ace, including a pair of 3's; 14 to 16 vs 10, including pair of 7's or 8's; 16 Blackjack - HiLo Basic Strategy and Deviations Flashcards Blackjack - HiLo Basic Strategy and Deviations. 16 vs 10: Definition. Stand at 0 or greater Hit at -1 or less: Term. 16 vs A: Definition. Stand at 3 or greater ... Surrender at 11 or greater Stand at 10 or less (6D) Term. 17 vs A: Definition. Surrender at 0 or greater Stand at -1 or less: Term.

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Early surrender vs. late surrender. In blackjack, there are two different surrender rules: the early and late surrender. In early surrender, the player can forfeit half of his bet even before the dealer peeks for blackjack. This rule is a rare one but still found on some casinos. Blackjack Surrender | Game Rules, Variations and Odds ... Surrender hard 15 vs. dealer’s 10. That’s it. Besides that, follow standard American / Vegas Strip blackjack strategy. So far we haven’t found any Blackjack Surrender game where the dealer hits soft 17, but if you happen to encounter this rule, the perfect surrender strategy slightly changes: Surrender hard 16 vs. dealers 9, 10 or A ... Blackjack Surrender - Blackjack offers the option to surrender for those hands where your expectation is to lose more than 50% of your wager. “Surrendering in blackjack is a great move when you use it at the right time. ” Blackjack Surrender When Surrendering Is the Best Move ... Surrender 16 vs. 9, 10 or ace Commonly Misplayed Hands | BlackJack Age

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Blackjack Early Surrender vs. Blackjack Late Surrender > Blackjack School > Blackjack Betting Strategy > Blackjack Early Surrender vs. Blackjack LateDealer shows a 10-valued card and you have a hard 14, 15, 16 or a pair of 7’s or 8’s.In 2 deck blackjack, you should never surrender a 10-valued card against the dealer’s 4 and 10.

Blackjack H17 Deviations Flashcards | Quizlet Blackjack Basic Strategy Deviations for H17 Learn with flashcards, games and more — for free.What deviations go into effect with any negative running count? Hit 12 vs 4 Stand on soft 19 vs 6 Hit 15 vs 10 rather than surrender If no surrender, 16 hits vs 10.