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Nut slots too deep? « previous next » Print Pages: [1] Go Down Author Topic: Nut slots too deep? (Read 2953 times ... I wasn't clear enough. :p String height at nut/first fret is good, but strings are completely inside those slots. AFAIK especially bass strings ...

Can you repair a low string slot? | Official PRS Guitars Forum Feb 28, 2017 · Last week I bought a used Stripped 58 which I love, the problem is the D nut slot is cut too deep causing the string to rattle on the first fret. Question: is it possible to fill the slot with something to build it up a bit? I really don't want to replace the nut, the action is perfect on all the other strings... Thank you in advance! How low can you cut nut slots??! | Fender Stratocaster Jun 03, 2010 · How low can you cut nut slots??! Discussion in ' you don't want the slots to be deep at all, that leads to the strings binding and getting caught. Malikon, May 29, 2010 #2. Dice Strat-O-Master. ... You must leave it high enough that when you push down from E to F, that it gets all the way to F and that it is not flat. ... neck pocket not deep enough | GuitarNutz 2

Those slots are already pretty deep. So I'm not just going to be making nut slots deeper, but wider as well. The trick of using feeler gauges with notches seemsFor wound strings you can use short pieces of the old strings as nut files. Round wound of course not flat! They aren't sharp enough to start from...

Help! I have a problem with my g-string and a nut!? | Yahoo ... If not, or if the slot is correctly shaped but just not deep enough, you are probably looking at a new nut, with the top left a bit higher above the midpoint of the strings. However, some folks have had success building up nut slots with a mixture of baking soda and superglue, and then reshaping them to the proper depth. GeetarGizmos FREE SHIP - 6 String Guitar NUT SLOT SAW RODS ... Not Suited for the Task. These are torch tip cleaning rods, which can be gotten much cheaper without to this re-branding. The heavier gauge rods do a fair job for the wider string slots with considerable effort, but the smaller ones are flimsy and unable to maintain sufficient tension to make deep cuts in a nut material.

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When you buy a new guitar, you can almost be guaranteed that the nut slots are not deep enough. I have seen expensive guitars that came with as much as .035'' of first fret clearance, truly a finger killer. To cut the nut slots deeper, get yourself a good set of nut slot files, e.g. from

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There are many files on the modern lutherie market for cutting slots in nuts and bridges, but most only became available years after I was doing this work. Gibson nut replacement - Les Paul Forum You do not regulate string height by deepening the nut slots. The nut slot, much like a saddle slot, exists to hold the string in place and provide a clear point of origin, or more correctly an anchor point, to allow for the "Speaking" length of the string to vibrate. Nut Slot Too Large | A Guitar Forum You are misunderstanding, it's not the strings that are swimming around, someone, maybe the guy I bought the guitar from, routed out the slot in the guitar neck where the nut goes and put in a large handcut wooden nut that I immediately took out and tossed. So my problem is how to best fill in this extra deep and wide hole in the neck so I can get the nut to sit up at the appropriate level. I'll get the pics up later. The card slots are not deep enough to house th ... - The card slots are not deep enough to house th whole card. They overlap and is not as shown in the picture They overlap and is not as shown in the picture One person found this helpful

I wasn't clear enough. :p String height at nut/first fret is good, but strings are completely inside those slots. AFAIK especially bass strings shouldn't be completely inside nut slots. So filing that nut from top, would bring those strings out of the slot a bit. No filing the slots, but the nut itself.

Not to mention, as with all factory nuts (on any guitar, ever, no matter what price) the slots were not deep enough so the action at the nut was TOO high (Technically, the slots don't need to be deep, the whole freakin' nut should not be so freakin' tall! why cannot guitar makers understand how to properly... String height at the nut... | Gibson-Talk | Forum Clearly, the nut slots are not cut deep enough, and the strings are too high off the 1st position frets, limiting what I can do with bridge adjustments.Then cut a slot into the glue joint between the nut and fingerboard, just deep enough to install a fret. Tap the fret in place, re-string and you are off to the...

The string slot cut so the top of the cutter is flush with the bridge top. The string itself lays on the bottom of the slot, well below the bridge top - this slot is too deep. Sound wise not really a problem but depending on how deep, the effective bridge height is no longer accurate. Nuts! - Frets This is not what we're looking for. A too-wide nut slot is not necessarily all that bad. The strings may still bear at the front edge, be supported along the entire slot, be at the right height and spaced evenly. If your nut has deep grooves that are too wide, and the whole thing looks messy, don't fret. Er, I mean, don't worry about it. The Guitar Nut Removal & Replacement - Fret Not Guitar Repair